January 12, 2011


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WhatsApp on Windows Phone 7: "a leader in our list of candidates"

UPDATE: WhatsApp IS available for Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. Download WhatsApp for Windows Phone here (opens Zune) or here (opens Web Marketplace).

I got my Windows Phone 7 two weeks ago and I’m loving every bit of it, as does everybody who owns one. But high on the list of features/apps (same thing, really) most people miss in WP7 is WhatsApp, which according to its developers can’t be implemented in Windows Phone 7 in the same way as it is on the iPhone and Android platforms: Microsoft hasn’t yet released the necessary APIs to allow apps to access the phone’s address book (and that’s how WhatsApp “builds” its own contact list). You can read about that everywhere.

Now, if you know WP7, you know that its address book is actually retrieved from your Windows Live, Gmail, Facebook, or similar accounts. So how hard could it be to make WhatsApp access those accounts? Probably less hard than accessing the phone’s. Heck, we don’t even need such sophistication, let us manually add some contacts to a slim version of WhatsApp for WP7 and we’ll be happy! The thing is, most people using Windows Phones now already know the application and feel absolutely out of the loop without it, so WhatsApp don’t even have to “convince” use to use it once it’s out. We’ll grab whatever they give us. Some simple functionality that lets users manually enter their friends’ names and phone numbers would be tedious (really, not a big deal once copy/paste is added next week) but very well worth it. We’re that desperate, right? :)

Well, I contacted them last week (at support@whatsapp.com) suggesting all that and here’s their reply:

We are considering manual entry and we are considering google / yahoo contact integration as alternatives.

We just haven’t decided yet to pull the trigger and execute. Windows Phone hasn’t been a huge hit so far.

We’ll decide soon. It’s a leader in our list of candidates.

Hope this helps

So while it’s good to see they see WP7 as a priority, it’s far less encouraging that they do have the final say on whether they make WhatsApp for Windows Phone 7 or not, and they are undecided because it didn’t sell 1 million units on the first three days. It’s needless to say that WhatsApp would give it a big boost, since many people are hesitant to make the move yet for this reason alone.

But in my honest opinion Microsoft isn’t doing a very good job advertising the platform to the average consumer (at least in Europe) —perhaps waiting till they add a couple of features here and there— but its potential is undeniable and it’s here to stay. It feels like a perfect fit for the WhatsApp ecosystem, but then again, if it was up to me, I’d even have a web version of the app :).

UPDATE: Microsoft has set up a survey about Windows Phone 7, for users and non-users. This may be a good way of reminding them of their lack of support for developers like Whatsapp.

UPDATE: There’s an online petition requesting WhatsApp for WP7 at GoPetition.com. Last time I checked, Petitiononline.com was the site for petitions, but in any case, go sign it!

UPDATE: Microsoft has announced Contacts and Calendar database to be accessible on Mango (the next Windows Phone update expected by the end of the year), which could be just what WhatsApp needs to make a full featured WP7 version. Still, more than 8 months is a long enough wait for me to start considering getting some cheap second hand Android phone to use just for the elusive app :/

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36 Responses to WhatsApp on Windows Phone 7: "a leader in our list of candidates"

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  2. danny says:

    we dont have to vote whatsapp for wp7,, because on this end of year nokia will release nokia-wp7 os. that mean nokia will ask microsoft to cooperate with whatsapp for sure because nokia have the same business aim and already made a fore partnership with them.

  3. Cyruss1989 says:

    I wrote them a few days ago haven’t received an answer yet.
    All my friends use this app and it would be perfect for me to save money, it will be a good day once it’s out :)

  4. jp says:

    I agree, whats up with whatsapp and Skype, i Sony undetstand why they dont see potential un wp7 i think its great

  5. NME says:

    I have a WP7 (HTC HD7) and I don´t like it (my wm 6.1 is much better).
    I want whatsup and skype but even more. Sync is imposible (outlook cal, task and notes), agenda is not useful, folders are quite bad, phone is worse than traditional ones, marcketplace ……………….. we have just spent a lot of money and we are waiting for an improvement soon (since three months ago).
    If someone is going to buy one, he should read other blogs, becouse many people thinks like me.

    • friend says:

      If you dont know how to set up accounts u shuld stick to symian os…
      And whatsup whatsapp, better have ur stuff redy when mango gets here

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  7. Pedro says:

    Windows Phones are the best (I also have Android and Iphone), A lot of people are using Parlingo instead of Whatsapp because Parlingo is Windows, Blackberry, Iphone and Android compatible.
    If a lot of people use Parlingo then sure Whatsapp will change his decisitions about Windows Phones… I think a lot of people hate Windows and I really dont know why….

  8. Dissonent says:

    Te lack of whatsapp is the only thing stopping me from a htc wp7.

  9. jnb says:

    Please vote here for whatsapp on WP7: http://www.gopetition.com/petition/44254.html we need it! :)

  10. Pieter says:

    I belive Microsoft has now released the tools for WhatsApp to make their App on Windows Phone 7 when Mango arrives. So they might start developing already so they’ll be able to release it later this year!

  11. Walid says:

    I guess that now they can start working on it !

    “Mango will hit users in the Fall, according to Mr. Lees, but developers can get their hands on the SDK now.”


  12. danny says:

    we dont have to vote whatsapp for wp7,, because on this end year nokia will release nokia-wp7 os. that mean nokia will ask microsoft to cooperate with whatsapp for sure because nokia have the same business aim and already made a fore partnership with them.

  13. zontna says:

    Im as microsoft supporter for so many years included windows server 2003/2008, exchange 2007/2010, windows xp/7.

    Hopefully microsoft pickup and understand what market needs so that wont let google over head as google damn aggressive on phone/tablet and notebook (chromebook).

  14. AnonGuy says:

    I’ll be frank. Microsoft released WP7 way too early and updated it way too terribly. They’re on the level of Google/Android OEMs, but worse given how every Windows Phone is analogous to a Google Nexus Series phone and they don’t have anything near the roadblocks i.e. Samsung phones have. Samsung phone updates have nothing to do with WP7 and everything to do with what Samsung did to those phones under the hood (drivers, etc.), however it still took way too long to get something as non-factor as NoDo update out the door. Mango will be almost a year after the devices went up for sale. That’s WAY too long. As far as I’m concerned, WP7 RTM/Nodo were Beta and Beta 2 versions. Mango will be what I’m sure they wanted RTM WP7 to be, but they rushed it out way ahead of schedule because they felt they had to.

    I already had a Galaxy S phone when I got this HD7, so I’m not really at a loss. I have WhatsApp – on my Galaxy S. People I know with Symbian, Blackberries, and iOS devices have it as well… Microsoft made key design decisions which obviously hindered the development of ridiculously popular (and to some people) “must-have” apps on their platform, and they will pay for it. Lots of people who would have gotten a WP7 device got something else instead, and once a Feature Phone user upgrades to a smartphone and gets Android or iOS it’s hard as hell to get them to switch platforms. Even people who got Blackberries are hard to sway – even if you clearly show them how another platform is superior.

    This isn’t just about WhatsApp. It’s about WhatsApp, Skype, Decent IM applications (IM+ is a travesty, it sucks almost as much as Miyowa), decent Facebook/Twitter Clients (even the new Foursquare is bad compared to what’s on iOS and Android), Layar, LinkedIn, no support for Video Email/MMS, Terrible YouTube Support (unless you have an HTC device), a Browser worse than the Opera Mobile preloaded on the HD2, no OTA Podcast support in Zune, no Visual Voicemail. No Support for Cloud Storage AND no support for managing files on the phone, no support for Synching to Outlook, Weak Calendaring, and a UI metaphor that is completely broken when in-app advertising is utilized.

    That’s not to mention some of the devices (like the HD2) have low quality displays, weak radios (can barely get a signal here, Vibrant has no issues, though), and terrible sound hardware out the external speakers (this thing is supposed to double up as a ZuneHD, says Ballmer). The FM Radio also cannot function without a headset…

    There are tons of useful apps that are either: Missing, Buggy as hell, Lacking tons of functionality compared to the iOS/Android versions.

    It’s sort of embarassing, TBH.

    And it’s sort of comical that I read so many blogs that give excuses for it. There is virtually no excuse for Microsoft releasing a Mobile OS in the state WP7 was released in, in 2010. None whatsoever. The Mobile landscape has changed. There are other big players (multiples) that have raised the standards of usability and developer support.

    I can barely use my WP7 device (even for calls/txting here due to the terrible cell radio in the device) and TBQH I think by the time Mango is released I’d have trashed or sold it and gotten a Galaxy S II.

    I was sold on the pre-release hype. #NeverAgain

  15. Gbenga says:

    How come Nokia N900 doesn’t support whatsapp? I have been trying to download it on my Nokia N900 mobile phone so as to get connected with my friends who as well using whatsapp but unfortunately I couldn’t just do that because my N900 doesn’t support it.
    Can Nokia please help us out?

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  17. Laurent says:

    A smart phone without whatsapp is like a face without eyes or noze …something important is missing

  18. pennington@jeromerobbins.org says:

    Don’t think you can say everyone who owns one loves it. I hate it. Have to use the cloud to sync which completely robs me of the functionality of Windows Mobile 6.5. Went back to an iPhone, because I hate it slightly less.

  19. quincy says:

    Hi there,
    For ya’ll people with friends that do have androids and iphones you can use kik messenger. It’s a really great app just like whatsapp (looks even beter), it doesn’t support symian tho.. So no nokia phone or whatever can use this app.
    It works more than fine on my DELL venue pro WP7 and on my friends HTC sensation, aces android tablet and sony play.

    Does anyone know which month the new updates will come out??

    Greetz Q

  20. fabio says:

    Whatsapp is basically just a Jabber client.

    with a simple challenge / response mechanism for the login.

    the phone number is the username…

    the only thing left unknown is how the password is (silently) auto-generated by the app. since it is never asked by the app, the user never has to enter it, so I don’t know what it is :)

    Only problem is : whatsapp doesn’t legally allow reverse engineering…

    I guess in order to get an unofficial whatsapp version would require a huge amount of luck and wild guesses in order to figure out how is the whatsapp/jabber password generated.

    Last time I contacted them (whatsapp) I offered my help for free and they turned it down…

    too bad for them, I’d say.

    oh, by the way… try and convince your friends to use kik messenger ;)



  21. richie says:

    Htc hd7 without whatsapp is very serious.where I come from in Africa,GHANA, all we love is a smart phone with whatsapp.I just left blackberry for hd7.I think I made a BIG mistake.
    I really want to know when we can have whatsapp on our htc hd7.

  22. Emma says:

    i’ve been trying to download whatsapp on my htc sprint windows phone but it isn’t working. i really need to keep in touch with my friends.

  23. Altaf says:

    I had WhatsApp installed and after reformatting my windowsphone, I tried to search WhatsApp in marketplace but I cant find it. Also the WhatsApp link on Windows phone marketplace site is missing: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/apps/218a0ebb-1585-4c7e-a9ec-054cf4569a79

    Please help. This app is really needed.

  24. Draven says:

    I’ve been looking for whatsapp for lumia 900 but got that same app is not found message in the marketplace.any help would be much appreciated.is this a recent development? Thanks

  25. tebogo says:

    I can’t download whatsapp on my Nokia 610 lumia.when I download it gives me a message saying ‘my divece can’t due to some software updated….

    What must I do.please help me

  26. Draven says:

    TO ALL WINDOWS PHONE USERS….WHATSAPP is once again available for DOWNLOAD!just installed mine today on lumia 900. working perfectly. Thank you everyone.

  27. mike says:

    I cannot download whatsapp on my hd7windows phone.how can I do that please.

  28. jasmine says:

    This is great

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  30. I want whatsapp in my phone

  31. fidias says:

    I had whatsapp and uninstalled it sometime ago, now l downloaded it, filled in my details and it confirmed registration. The problem now is it continuously say “creating favourites”. What can l do?

  32. I need whatsap in my windows phone